Wednesday, 10 December 2014

SpartAce Couple: When We Are In A Same Team

When SpartAce Couple in a same team, it will be great. Once Haha said that this couple was just like the combination of tiger and lion. They called it liger (even liger doesn't exist). Some SpartAce couple asked me to make a list when they were in a same group and won the game. Even it's not easy to compile it because I have to re-watch all the episodes but I'll try to do it. I get more excited writing about spartace than doing or writing my univ task. lol

Alright, check this out!!!!!

SpartAce couple was born in episode 21. JH was angry and annoyed in ep 20 and announced that he wanted to be in a same team with JK. Thanks to the PD, finally they were in a same team and make the strongest chaser in RM history. They chased other 7 members (YJS, JSJ, Gary, Haha, LKS, SJK, and Lizzy) and 1 guest. Of Course it's a big success, they killed their preys easily. lol

Then my most favorite episode so far is perhaps episode 103. They were in a same team and won. In the last battle, JK fought withe the guest which was called the beast. After beat the beast and won the game JK got a golden ring and presented it to JH and surprisingly he gave it kneeling. Can you imagine the commander stand on his knee and gave the ring. I saw that scene just like a man proposes a woman he loves.

But mostly when they were in a same team, they hardly won. Maybe the PD think that it's so obvious if they win all the game by themselves.

SpartAce in a same team in episode 53 when Choi Min Soo was a guest. They were in a same team with JSJ. They succeed do the game in one trial. It because their smart mind. 
We hardly get Spartace couple in a same team. But, even they were not in a same team we can still see their skinship.  
Actually in episode 95, it's individual mission but KJK helped SJH to win. Of course SJH won the game and got the golden pin from Park Ji Sung. In this episode, KJK himself who should win the game but he just let the opportunity to SJH. Here, I could feel that KJK was so sweet gentleman. And in this episode the 'liger' was born.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Penyebab Narsisme

Menurut Dr. Seiler, penulis buku “Battling the Enemy Within: Conquering the causes of inner struggle and Unhappiness”, memberi apapun yang anak inginkan secara terus menerus akan memanjakan dan tentu saja memberi kontribusi yang nyata kepada berkembangnya perilaku narsisme pada anak. Menurut Seiler, narsisme itu juga sebenarnya dikarenakan kurangnya perhatian dan pengasuhan emosi.
Hurlock (1978) berpendapat bahwa penyebab dari anak yang narsis atau egosentrik adalah:
·         Perlindungan secara berlebihan dari orangtua
·  Favoritisme orangtua. Orangtua yang menunjukkan favoritisme terhadap anak mereka mendorong mereka yang disukai untuk mengembangkan perasaan bahwa dirinya penting.
·         Aspirasi orangtua. Aspirasi orangtua yang kuat akan mendorong anak untuk bersikap superior.
·     Usia orangtua. Orangtua muda cenderung lebih memperhatikan kepentingan mereka sendiri daripada kepentingan anak sebaliknya orangtua yang berusia tua sering berorientasi pada anak dan hal ini mendorong anak menjadi egosentrik.
·         Pusat perhatian di rumah
·         Ukuran keluarga yang kecil
·         Urutan posisi (anak pertama atau bungsu)

Janet Lehman, SMW dari The Total Transformation program, menyatakan ada beberapa alasan mengapa anak-anak sekarang bersikap permisif dan memicu sifat narsistik. Salah satunya adalah karena para orangtua sekarang ini bekerja lebih keras dan lebih lama sehingga orangtua mengalami kelelahan yang lebih dan juga stress. Dengan tingkat stress dan keletihan yang lebih tinggi, orangtua sudah tidak memiliki cukup energy untuk beragumen dengan anak-anaknya sehingga orangtua akan memberi apapun yang diminta oleh anak-anaknya. Menurut Lehman, umumnya orangtua akan memberikan apapun kepada anak-anaknya apapun yang tidak bisa mereka dapatkan di masa mereka anak-anak. Dan orangtua akan merasa senang jika bisa memberikan apapun yang anak-anak mereka minta.
Menurut Sadarjoen (2003) yang mengutip Mitchell JJ dalam bukunya, The Natural Limitations of Youth, ada lima penyebab kemunculan narsis pada remaja, yaitu adanya kecenderungan mengharapkan perlakuan khusus, kurang bisa berempati sama orang lain, sulit memberikan kasih sayang, belum punya kontrol moral yang kuat, dan kurang rasional. Kedua aspek terakhir inilah yang paling kuat memicu narsisme yang berefek gawat.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Favorite Korean Drama Couple

It's very interesting watching some romance scenes on dramas. I like watching Korean dramas and found out that I fall in love with some couples. I don't like all couple in drama I've watched. Some of them, just made me annoyed but a lot of them just made my day. I also watched the kiss they share on screen. I like the kiss scenes, some are very passionate and deep kiss but some are just gentle and sweet kiss. I like both kissing style, deep or light. 

Here are some of my favorite couples.

1. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young as Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung on I Hear Your Voice
This is my ultimate couple on drama. Age gap wasn't a barrier for their love.

2. Rain and Song Hye Ko as Lee Young Jae on Full House
They are cute couple. Not much skinship but their romance was so great. I think Full House is the first Korean drama that gave me satisfaction. The story ended happily and I laughed so hard watching the drama. Not too much tears like other typical korean drama at that time. 

3. Jae Hee and Han Chae Young as Lee Mong Ryong and Sung Choon Hyang
This is also my ultimate favorite couple. I like their roles in this drama. I like the story which was divided into 3 parts, when they were in high school, university and adult. The two leads delivered their role and character in great way. The sad and happy expression of the two leads were really daebak.

4. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae as Seol Gong Chan and Joo Yoo Rin on My Girl
I like this cute couple. I also like their sweet kiss.

5. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae as Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne on Hotel King
I still love this couple in 2013. They grow up and turn to adult characters. Actually I like this 2013 couple more than the 2006 couple.

6. Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Young as Kim Seung Yoo and Lee Se Ryung on The Princess' Man
Oh my God, I really love this couple. They're prefect together. And I'm so glad that they were together in the end. When I started watching this drama, I was worried that it would have sad ending but fortunately the ending was so great. I re-watch this drama again and again and still love it.

7. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won as Kim Joo Woon and Gil Ra Im on Secret Garden
Woah, this couple was so daebak. Their romance was perhaps the most memorable scene. The sit-up kiss scene, the coffee-foam kiss, the stiches blue sport suit. I can remember all their romantic scene here. They're really lovely couple.

8. Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na as Kim Boong Do and Choi Hee Jin on Queen Inhyun's Man
This couple shared a lot of kisses in this drama and they became the real-life couple after the drama ended.Unfortunately they ended their relationship after Ji HyunWoo discharged from army. But still, I love this couple.

9. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye as Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha on Pinocchio
They are maybe the best couple of 2014. I like them very much but still I think this couple goes to second after Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung but who know after the drama end, I'll take this couple as the first. lol
As Secret Garden, this couple also gave us memorable scenes as 'toast kiss', 'palm kiss',heart-wrecking back hug' and so many more I hope. I heard that they also have good chemistry off screen.

10. Kang Sora and Im Ju Hwan as Gong Joon Soo and Na Do Hee on Ugly Alert
I really like this couple. They're perfect for each other. When I watched the drama, I just hoped that they're real in real life. I'm glad that they got married in the drama and they romantic scenes were so cute

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to be continued.....

Lee Jong Suk's Couple On Dramas

It's interesting to enjoy the romance in a Korean drama. I have watched a lot of Korean dramas and found out that the romance on screen was really sweet and touching. Here, I just focus on my favorite Korean actor, Lee Jong Suk and his partner on his drama.

1. Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung on I Hear Your Voice

This is my ultimate couple so far. I really like this couple on I hear Your Voice. Actually, I can call this 'Noona Romance'. Jang Hye Sung, the role that Lee Bo Young played, was older than Park Soo Ha, the role that Lee Jong Suk played. On the first time I watched this drama, I felt that it was weird having JHS and PSH as a couple, they have 9 years age gap. I thought that JHS would be paired with lawyer Cha. But, this couple really moved many of viewers and the result, they won best couple award.

2. Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha on Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a new drama but I can feel that I'll like this couple. They started their relationship as uncle and niece. I can't tell much about this couple but i can tell you that I like this couple, of course still behind LBY and LJS couple. Let's watch and see how this couple grow their romance. I hope this couple will be as good as IHYV couple.

3. Kim Woobin on School 2013

There were no romance scene in this drama except a little bit 'holding hand' scene of the teachers. But there's bromance between LJS and Kim Woobin that attracted a lot of viewers. And I can say that their bromance is just behind LBY and PSH. lol

4. Park Bo Young on Youth Blood

I didn't really catch their sweet romance in this movie unless the ending scene which showed their picture together in wedding dress. But I quite enjoy the movie, it's not great but just so so.

5. Kang Sora on Doctor Stranger

They're not a couple in this drama but I really like their 'tidbit' romance scene. Actually, I wish they would be ended together but unfortunately, LJS ended with his first love which I really hate. To be honest, I would watch this drama if their relationship grew, but well yeah, it didn't happened so I dropped this drama in the middle and never wanna watch the rest episode. I hope that someday they play in a same drama with the lead roles for both of them.

6. Jin Se Yun on Doctor Stranger

This my ultimate-hatred-yuck couple. I really hate this couple. I blame the lead actress for my hatred illness. I dropped this drama because of this yuck couple. I hope I'll never see this couple anymore in other dramas. I don't hate the actress, I just do not like this actress become a couple for LJS. I try to like this couple but really I can't.

7. Kim Ji Won on High Kick 3

I felt bad for LJS to not get the girl in this drama. It's a pity because the girl like his uncle. lol

8. Yoon Sang Hyun on Secret Garden

LJS as Han Tae Sang liked Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska in this drama. I felt weird looking this couple. lol

9. Song Ji Hyo on Running Man

They were a secret couple and had to do some missions such as holding hand and forehead kiss. I think this couple are cute even they're not in a drama.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lee Jong Suk On Dramas

I really like Lee Jong Suk. He's one of my favorite Korean actors. I like him because of his acting on the first place, then I like him because he's so adorable. His pale skin, pinky lips and lovely eyes have stolen my heart. But the most important thing is his acting skill. I've watched his dramas from time to time and I realize that his acting skill has improved. 

The first I saw him or realized him was when he starred in Secret Garden. He played as Han Tae Sang. He's only supporting role but quite impressive I think because of his 'gay' character. I don't like his character there but I can't help falling in love with him. 

He looks great wearing Cop adorable

Then I Hear Your Voice came and he really stole my heart with his role. He played a genius student who can read others' mind. He loved older woman but I like it. And guess what, many Korean viewers were also hooked by his character and his love to older woman. Many viewers stated that it was okay loving an older woman and think that it was nice. Many viewers, including me, allow that younger boy had a romantic feel to his first love who was older. Furthermore, LJS delivered the lead role amazingly. His expression when sad, happy, worried, angry were delivered greatly to the viewers. He got many awards for his role in this drama, including excellence actor and best couple along with his co-star Lee Bo Young.

The 'School 2013' best couple
After watching I Hear Your Voice, I went watching his another drama, School 2013. I found my self went crazy again with his character in this drama. He played not genius student but really bad student. He didn't involve with romantic scene here but he had bromance scene with Kim Woobin and make them best couple in this drama (of course just in my opinion, but it's not only me who like this bromance. Many Korean and around globe viewers like the bromance between LJS and KWB),

I searched his other dramas and found out that he starred in Prosecutor Princess. I watched the drama but I didn't see him because my focus at that time was on Park Si Hoo as the lead actor (I also like Park Si Hoo). He got only small role in this drama.

Then I watched his older drama, High Kick 3. He had good role here and also good character. But I don't really like his role here because in the end he didn't get the girl he likes.

How can you skip this adorable doctor....
His new drama in early 2014 finally came, it was Doctor Stranger. I really anticipated this drama since the story itself seemed promising. I also excited finding one of female actress was Kang Sora (I like her acting). But I was so disappointed to this drama because of the lead actress whom I didn't like. So, I stopped watching this drama in the middle. I wish that he had a better female partner for this drama but well, it was really yuck and it's not only me who didn't like the female lead. Many Korean and international viewers didn't like the lead female, her name is Jin Seo Yeon (if I'm not mistaken). Actually, I really like his character and appearance in this drama, cool and brilliant doctor but the female lead ruined all of that. And now I become JSY hater since she ruined my fav actor drama. sigh... I really blame the lead actress (sorry for saying this...)

his crying expression makes your heart broken

Finally, the medicine has come to cure my disappointment Dr Stranger syndrome. Yes, it's Pinocchio which cure my hatred or maybe many viewers hatred of dr stranger. Park Shin Hye, I guess succeed play as LJS's partner in this drama. And I can feel romantic vibe between the two leads.