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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

SpartAce Couple: When We Are In A Same Team

When SpartAce Couple in a same team, it will be great. Once Haha said that this couple was just like the combination of tiger and lion. They called it 'liger'. Some SpartAce couple asked me to make a list when they were in a same group and won the game. Even it's not easy to compile it because I have to re-watch all the episodes but I'll try to do it. I get more excited writing about spartace than doing or writing my univ task. lol

Alright, check this out!!!!!

SpartAce couple was born in episode 21. JH was angry and annoyed in ep 20 and announced that he wanted to be in a same team with JK. Thanks to the PD, finally they were in a same team and make the strongest chaser in RM history. They chased other 7 members (YJS, JSJ, Gary, Haha, LKS, SJK, and Lizzy) and 1 guest. Of Course it's a big success, they killed their preys easily. lol

Then my most favorite episode so far is perhaps episode 103. They were in a same team and won. In the last battle, JK fought withe the guest which was called the beast. After beat the beast and won the game JK got a golden ring and presented it to JH and surprisingly he gave it kneeling. Can you imagine the commander stand on his knee and gave the ring. I saw that scene just like a man proposes a woman he loves.

But mostly when they were in a same team, they hardly won. Maybe the PD think that it's so obvious if they win all the game by themselves.

SpartAce in a same team in episode 53 when Choi Min Soo was a guest. They were in a same team with JSJ. They succeed do the game in one trial. It because their smart mind. 
We hardly get Spartace couple in a same team. But, even they were not in a same team we can still see their skinship.  
Actually in episode 95, it's individual mission but KJK helped SJH to win. Of course SJH won the game and got the golden pin from Park Ji Sung. In this episode, KJK himself who should win the game but he just let the opportunity to SJH. Here, I could feel that KJK was so sweet gentleman. And in this episode the 'liger' was born.The story of 'liger' itself was so great. It was Haha who said that the strongest members in RM worked together then he related it to liger story. He said that it was like in a jungle when lion and tiger were hate each other at the first but then they fall in love. YJS said that their child would be called 'liger' while Haha called it 'tion'. I think their conversation was absurd but it seemed little bit fishy. How come they relate spartace couple with this 'liger' or 'tion' story and talked about the fall in love tiger and lion. Something fishy rite?.... (If you still curious about this story, watching episode 95 is a must.)

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