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Friday, 18 October 2013

SpartAce Couple: The Hidden Secret Love Story on Running Man

The first time I watched the show (Running Man), I didn't aware to coupling thing. I watched this show because my friend kept telling me that this show is really good and she really got into. Then I started watching this show with Super Junior Siwon as a guest. I told my friend that I wouldn't watch the show unless Suju's member become the fixed member or guest. Then my friend gave the some files and one of them guested by Siwon, it was ep. 75.
After watching few episodes, I started to adore Kim Jong Kook. His characters were really tempted. Then I found out that he (KJK) often got lovelines on the show. I didn't realize when I started found that KJK and Song Ji Hyo were really matched. At that time I didn't know about Monday Couple. Then I watched early episodes and found out that MC was exist. But I've fallen in love with KJK and SJH couple (SpartAce). And episode 21 came and I was so happy watching them being the best combi in RM's history. Since then I became SpartAce shipper and hope they are real.
SpartAce is not official loveline in RM but it's Monday Couple. But, in my opinion, SpartAce is more natural than MC which is scripted. SpartAce interaction is hardly caught by the viewers but they are exist and seems more warm and unscripted. The fans of SpartAce really have hawk eyes. They can catch every sweet moments of SA (SpartAce) even it's so little. The fans claimed that they are happy because SA is not an official loveline so they can see the naturalness of SA interaction. Also, SA fans stated that they are real regarding to their interaction during filming.
These scenes were not showed on air. Just look how natural they hold hand in hand.
The sweet moments such as holding hand, tapping, standing side by side (here), supporting, smiling, looking each other (here), caring, bickering are often showed even when the cameras were not focus on them (here). And of course when the camera was not focus on them, it seems that they have their own world (here). It showed that their moments looks natural and unscripted. In other hand, the sweet moments of MC always happened when the cameras shot them. On episode RM vs Jungle Law, Gary (the Monday boyfriend) said that SJH only used him for the show.
KJK always help SJH to be a winner. On episode 95, SJH was the winner because KJK helped her. JK didn't care about winning. He just let JH to get it. The first time I watched how they worked together was on episode 79, when they acted as Sherlock Holmes and JSJ as the culprit. I was amazed by their team work and how they showed their smartness. After watching episode 79 then I watched episode 21 and also was amazed by their teamwork and how they eliminated all other members easily.
SJH never hesitates to rip other members' nametag or guest nametag. And KJK also never hesitates to rip other members' nametag and the guests', except the guest were women, he would ask JH to rip their nametag. And if JK must rip JH's nametag, he wouldn't do that directly, however he'll just lead other member or the guest to rip JH's nametag as he did on episode 70. He, as a spy didn't rip JH's nametag and promised not to do that. So, he just lead Son Ye Jin, the guest on that ep to rip JH's. We can also watch how JK regret to betray JH.
How JH took care of JK's back. She put the towel coz her clothes were wet and she did't want JK got wet coz of her or she just dried JK's wet back. I dunno which one, I just like this pic.
Look! both of them showed happy face. JH gripped her hand and hold tight around JK's shoulders.
Episode 103 was maybe sent by heaven. We could see tons of their skinships. JK was piggyback JH. JH looked like happy coz JK piggybacked her. We could see how close they are. JH put her chin on JK's shoulder comfortably. As delusional shipper of them, I saw that JH feed JK in romantic way when they had a mission, eat very spicy octopus. lol. And the most surprising moment was at the end of the show when JK succeed to rip the beast's nametag and got a gold ring. He kneel down and present the beast's nametag for his princess, JH and gave the gold ring. JK didn't give the gold ring to the woman guest (Shin Se Kyung) who still alived with him till the end, he just prefer JH instead of the woman guest.

Let's go together. Just two of us...

Episode 105 were maybe the other episode which came from heaven for SA shipper. On that ep, KJK and SJH were in the same team. They sat side by side on the car. They held hand in hand. They ate and laughed together. They did a mission together in aquarium. Once, JH said that she wanted go the aquarium with her boyfriend. And the aquarium's scene just like JH and JK went there as a couple. JH asked JK to go together, held his hand and protected his back and JK never left JH's side. It was so sweet scene.
let's see the differences when the Monday boyfriend (Gary) gave her piggyback and JK's.
JH gripped her hands around JK's shoulder tighter than to Gary. JH gripped her legs around JK's waist but no to Gary. In my opinion JH looked more comfortable around JK than Gary.
They often hold hand in hand both when the cameras are on or not. Let's see how KJK and SJH held their hand when the cameras were not focus on them or when there were no cameras.
They held hand in hand when the camera just focused on Gary. It seemed that they did it naturally.

They gripped other's hand tightly means both really hold each other. I saw this moment as romantic scene.
The pictures showed how JH grabbed JK's arms, shoulders, or body naturally and vice versa.
Jongkook: "Jihyo-ah, you are my queen"

Jongkook: "Are you alright?"

Jihyo: "oppa, I'll take your pic and save it on my phone"

How JH looked comfort on JK's arms. So far, only JK who held JH in such way (just like the real couple).
hey, you didn't realize that the camera shot two of you, did you?

no more KJK's hand manner for Jihyo

When they hold hand in hand comfortably and naturally
Notice how JH held JK's hand tighter than Gary's
When they have similar bracelet. Could it be couple bracelet?

When they have same socks...Is it coincidence or they wear couple socks?

In Hide and Seek game, RM vs Idols, they always hide together in hiding time. And they always work together to eliminate other team.
ep. 104

ep. 129

When SJH tried to warm KJK's hand. At that time only Jihyo who gave 2 towels to KJK.
Jihyo: "oppa, are you OK?...are you cold? I'll warm you"

When they tease each other.

When linking arm is unnecessary
Jihyo: "Don't touch my man...!"

You're not doing mission for secret couple, do you need to link your arm Jihyo si?

????????? (I dunno what's your intention)
You know this scene right?... when Jihyo followed Jongkook and grabbed his backpack
Soeta Airport

Remember this?....
Thailand's market
 Or this?.....
in Malaysia airport
It seems Jihyo was afraid being apart with her

Jihyo: "oppa, you're so handsome tonight"

Jongkook: "Jihyo-ah, you so adorable" Jihyo: "really, oppa? I'm blushing"

Jihyo: "oppa you're the best, please make a goal for me"

Don't you think that a real couple argue a lot. In real life, I see that a lot of couple often argue each other. They often criticize each other, do bicker with one another and also do nagging to their life partner. He or she will advice his or her partner about what to do and don't. And guess what.... It happened to our lovely couple. Recently, JK and JH bickered a lot, they nag a lot, they told the other side what to do and don't. Something fishy between them right.

I don't know whether this is true or not but recently, JK doesn't give any hints that he interested in pretty actress or idols who come as guest. I watched episode with Suzy (208) and Shin Min Ah (215) which JK gave almost zero excitement when the pretty guest came. Click here

It is announced that JH had already broken up with her CEO two years ago... It means that they broke up around 2013, the same years as KJK and SJH's fishy acts were detected.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are on the same team in episodes; 17, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 44, 46, 47, 53, 57, 60, 62, 65, 68, 69, 72, 76, 79, 82, 84, 85, 87, 91, 92, 95, 96, 97, 98, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 114, 117, and 118. (credit: kimjihyo on iSUB forum for SpartAce Couple) 

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