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Saturday, 30 November 2013

SpartAce Couple: They Have Their Own World

Spartace couple is Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, they are Spartakook and the Ace. I like this couple much and I have delusional mind about them. I have a mind that they are the real couple. I think it's OK for being delusional. We have free mind to do that. Delusional mind exist in delusional world.hahaha

I have already posted lots of pictures of them which proved that they are so close, maybe they are real couple in real life (maybe this is delusional but let me Here I'm gonna put some pictures which proved that they have their own world as a couple. They don't care people around them. They just focus staring each other and ignore everything but themselves.

They Just played around together and didn't care people around them.

They had their own only conversation.

They cooked together. Think that it's their house and they cooked together for their own dinner.

They went to aquarium and walk around just like a couple in their dating.

She follows him. Only two of them.

They went to a market in Thailand. Accomplished a mission. Just two of them.

They laughed together. Only share the happiness to themselves

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pics credit:
SpartaAce Couple Facebook acc
SpartAce thread in iSUB forum
SBS Running Man

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