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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lee Jong Suk's Couple On Dramas

It's interesting to enjoy the romance in a Korean drama. I have watched a lot of Korean dramas and found out that the romance on screen was really sweet and touching. Here, I just focus on my favorite Korean actor, Lee Jong Suk and his partner on his drama.

1. Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung on I Hear Your Voice

This is my ultimate couple so far. I really like this couple on I hear Your Voice. Actually, I can call this 'Noona Romance'. Jang Hye Sung, the role that Lee Bo Young played, was older than Park Soo Ha, the role that Lee Jong Suk played. On the first time I watched this drama, I felt that it was weird having JHS and PSH as a couple, they have 9 years age gap. I thought that JHS would be paired with lawyer Cha. But, this couple really moved many of viewers and the result, they won best couple award.

2. Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha on Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a new drama but I can feel that I'll like this couple. They started their relationship as uncle and niece. I can't tell much about this couple but i can tell you that I like this couple, of course still behind LBY and LJS couple. Let's watch and see how this couple grow their romance. I hope this couple will be as good as IHYV couple.

3. Kim Woobin on School 2013

There were no romance scene in this drama except a little bit 'holding hand' scene of the teachers. But there's bromance between LJS and Kim Woobin that attracted a lot of viewers. And I can say that their bromance is just behind LBY and PSH. lol

4. Park Bo Young on Youth Blood

I didn't really catch their sweet romance in this movie unless the ending scene which showed their picture together in wedding dress. But I quite enjoy the movie, it's not great but just so so.

5. Kang Sora on Doctor Stranger

They're not a couple in this drama but I really like their 'tidbit' romance scene. Actually, I wish they would be ended together but unfortunately, LJS ended with his first love which I really hate. To be honest, I would watch this drama if their relationship grew, but well yeah, it didn't happened so I dropped this drama in the middle and never wanna watch the rest episode. I hope that someday they play in a same drama with the lead roles for both of them.

6. Jin Se Yun on Doctor Stranger

This my ultimate-hatred-yuck couple. I really hate this couple. I blame the lead actress for my hatred illness. I dropped this drama because of this yuck couple. I hope I'll never see this couple anymore in other dramas. I don't hate the actress, I just do not like this actress become a couple for LJS. I try to like this couple but really I can't.

7. Kim Ji Won on High Kick 3

I felt bad for LJS to not get the girl in this drama. It's a pity because the girl like his uncle. lol

8. Yoon Sang Hyun on Secret Garden

LJS as Han Tae Sang liked Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska in this drama. I felt weird looking this couple. lol

9. Song Ji Hyo on Running Man

They were a secret couple and had to do some missions such as holding hand and forehead kiss. I think this couple are cute even they're not in a drama.

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